• "Breakthru is a top choice in physical therapy. My patients consistently receive personalized, expert treatment with proven results."
    Lisa Marino, D.O. The Rothman Institute, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • "BREAKTHRU takes the time to treat the whole patient while helping individuals understand their injury ultimately resulting in better outcomes"
    Naomi Brown, MD Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Division of Orthopedic Surgery

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Our Mission is to create a personalized pathway from rehabilitation to fitness and optimal performance.
Our clients achieve their goals in an inspiring and comfortable environment through individual attention and professional expertise.

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Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy

  • Evidence Based Treatment
  • Hands-On Care
  • Continuum Rehabilitation to Fitness
  • Scheduled within 24 Hours
  • Convenient Locations
  • Hours including Evenings & Weekends
  • Clinically-Owned & Client Focused Care

Fitness & Wellness

  • Certified Personal Trainers
  • Certified Massage Therapists
  • Medically-Based Fitness Programs
  • Sports Specific Performance Programs
  • Medically-Based Weight Loss & Nutrition
  • Membership

SeminarsSeminars & Clinics

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Hip & Groin Seminar

Saturday Running Clinics

Client Testimonials

  • The staff that worked with me were very helpful

    When I dislocated my shoulder I was unable to move it and it was very painful. I worked with Dr. Jeff Ruth at BREAKTHRU, he was very helpful in getting movement back in my shoulder and arm. All the staff that worked with me were very helpful in getting the strength back in my arm […]

  • The best thing I ever did for my health was go to BREAKTHRU

    Since going to BREAKTHRU for physical therapy I am able to walk up stairs without holding on. I also don’t feel as though I am going to fall all the time. My core muscles are much stronger as well as my legs. The best thing I ever did for my health was go to BREAKTHRU. […]

  • Thanks BREAKTHRU for getting me back on target

    BREAKTHRU was recommended to me because I was unable to use my left arm without a great deal of pain. I had reached a point I could not comb or wash my hair, drive, dress or undress without pain. After several months of therapy Dr. Kevin Schnitzer helped me to reach my goal of being […]

  • Daily activities are easier

    Before physical therapy, I couldn’t play lacrosse at all or any other sport, but as I went to therapy I could do a little more .. Now simple daily activities are easier after going to BREAKTHRU and I am back to playing lacrosse! – Dan Wigley

  • Coming to BREAKTHRU was my BREAKTHRU moment

    Coming to BREAKTHRU was my BREAKTHRU moment … I couldn’t do many everyday tasks, now I can! Thank you to Dr. Nick Nolan (or as I like to call him, St. Nick) for giving me the gift of movement without pain. BREAKTHRU is a very pleasant place to workout and very pleasant people! – Sandie […]

  • BREAKTHRU has a wonderful, courteous and helpful staff

    I would like to thank Dr. Nick Nolan for his guidance and professionalism. I had a total hip replacement and after just a few weeks I have been able to return to most of my normal activities with no restrictions. BREAKTHRU has a wonderful, courteous and helpful staff and I would recommend BREAKTHRU to friends […]

  • Friendly Therapists

    Before I came to BREAKTHRU my knee bothered me constantly and I had little strength in it. Dr. Kevin Schnitzer helped stretch and train me until it felt 100% again. Now I can go back to doing all the sports and activities I couldn’t do before. I am very happy with the care I received […]

  • Thank you Dr. Kevin Schnitzer

    After having a knee replacement, I chose BREAKTHRU for physical therapy. My therapists were very knowledgeable, professional and caring. I went from walking with the help of a walker to walking without assistance for miles. I was able to resume teaching without any pain even after being on my feet for the entire day. I […]

  • My confidence to move about has been raised 100%

    I came to BREAKTHRU to get a better understanding of my BPV condition. At my first visit I was feeling that my balance was at about 80 to 90%. A survey of my condition upon starting therapy revealed that the inner ear “crystals” were slightly off as seen during the Epley Maneuver test. Upon graduation […]

Docs Doing Great Things

Dr. Jeffrey Tokazewski Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Tokazewski of Penn Family Medicine Gibbsboro!

We are proud to highlight a Doctor who is making a difference in our community. We share in their passion and commitment of assisting individuals in staying healthy and/or treating their condition so that they can recover and return to their active lifestyle.


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