Breakthru’s physical therapists are trained to perform a thorough evaluation and treatment for patients recovering from a concussion. We will perform tests of the visual and balance systems as well as identify any musculoskeletal impairments. Treatment will be carried out with a specific, personalized program based on the evaluation’s findings. We will be able to perform a treatment program starting at the initial phase of concussion and ending with a return to a patient’s prior functional level and/or return to sport. Our concussion team leaders are certified by Impact.


With athletic injuries, we alleviate our patient’s pain, maximize their performance, and address imbalances and weak links to prevent recurrences and future sports related injuries. We make sure to get you back on the field (safely) as soon as possible!


Developed specifically to address the unique movement impairments for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. This program is evidence based, and uses multiple repetitions of core movements that are used in daily living to optimize learning and carryover improved movement into everyday life.


Now offering aquatics which allows rehab to start earlier, and with less pain. We use the power of water to help you move with less stress, increase strength and flexibility of muscles and joints, alleviate pain and the symptoms of many conditions- all so you can function at your highest level, and be your best self.

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

This treatment approach requires the use of specialty instruments like Graston and ASTYM, that allow us to break up scar tissue and restrictions in fascia. This technique is great for treating tendonitis, sprains, strains, and much more.


Breakthru’s personalized, “hands on” approach uses current evidence based interventions including manual therapy techniques. These techniques include joint mobilization techniques, soft tissue mobilizations, and/or neural mobilizations to help the patient’s gain the most out of their recovery. It has been well researched that the addition to manual therapy aides in outcomes in a wide variety of diagnoses throughout the body.


We use the scientifically supported PEP program and FIFA 11 which have been shown to have up to 88% reductions in ACL tears in large, randomized studies. We emphasize injury awareness, various avoidance techniques, stretching, strengthening, plyometrics, and neuromuscular coordination exercises to help reduce ACL injuries. Maximize your performance and potential.


Breakthru uses the VTA to determine mechanical faults that are causing or could lead to shoulder and elbow pain in athletes. We use this information to guide the plan of care and get our athletes throwing again, without pain.


We use standardized measurement tools to assess your current balance level, and then apply best practice treatments which incorporate Tai Chi, balance exercises, unstable surface training dynamic movement, and motor learning.


Our physical therapists are trained to differentially diagnose vestibular problems in order to provide the correct treatment. The program will address one’s individualized impairments with balance, vertigo, and dizziness and aim to decrease associated symptoms and any risk of falling. Some conditions such as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) can be treated effectively in a few treatments.


For neck, back, & limb pain, we complete a mechanical assessment and treatment is based on the findings. Patients learn the principles and become empowered to be in control of their own symptom management. With this approach, we can get you feeling less pain in fewer visits.


Once trigger points are released, muscles with increased tension and spasm will relax and feel relief.


Breakthru identifies and creates an individualized plan to help prevent injuries that many performing art students face.


We perform a biomechanical analysis based on golf specific movements and a video analysis to detect swing faults that could be contributing to impairments in accuracy or distance. The treatment is based on the finding of the examination with focus on addressing biomechanical faults that will prevent the golfer from being able to create an efficient swing. Our team is led by TPI Certified Instructors.


Breakthru offers a comprehensive, personal, evidence-based running evaluation and treatment for runners of all levels. Whether you are new to running, or trying to qualify for your next marathon let us help you get to your finish line without pain. We offer FREE running injury screens.


Although onset typically occurs in adolescence, patients of ALL AGES can benefit from this method of treatment. The exact strategy and approach is dictated by the unique curve patterns as well as levels of skeletal maturity; however The Schroth Method can be beneficial for patients in all stages of scoliosis. This includes patients who have not yet begun bracing, patient who are currently being braced, as well as pre-operative or post-operative treatment when surgery is indicated.

In addition, research on the Schroth Method and similar treatment strategies is also developing to evaluate the benefits and effectiveness on postural related spinal deformities for people of all ages.

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The FMS is a screening tool that we use to identify limitations and/or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are crucial to functional movement quality. Observing these patterns allows our Physical Therapy and Fitness Team to create the appropriate plan of corrective exercises to fit your needs, and serves as the foundation for a personalized fitness program. It is a complimentary part of our PT Fit program. Learn your weak links and FIX them!


Breakthru’s exclusive program to guide you from rehabilitation to fitness, accomplishing an active, healthy lifestyle and getting back to the activities you love!