Some Key Uses Of KingRoot App

There is a constantly growing need to modify apps according to the users’ needs in a hassle free manner. Official Kingroot is one of the best and most popular apps used for modifying and customizing the apps Android user downloads from the play store. In this post some key uses of Kingroot are discussed.

Removing License Verification Using Kingroot

Android users are blessed to have a variety of apps to be used under Google Play Store for their ease. During any premium app installation, the play store asks for the permission for app licensing. App licensing is a safe and secure way in which the server controls access to your application. When an application is installed, it checks the status for licensing against which Google Play Store generates a licensing status response using a unique key pair for that particular app.

To remove license verification, so that premium apps can be used free of cost, smart apps such as Kingroot are required. It is very easy to use ths app. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the Android smartphone needs to be rooted before getting started.

This post gives you a guideline on how to use Kingroot for removing license verification on premium apps so that apps can be used without spending a single penny.

Removing License Verification Using Kingroot

Many premium apps available on Google Play Store are paid, which require the user to pay through their debit/credit cards are simply available for downloading on google. But, at the time of installation, such premium apps ask for a license verification key. This hurdle can be easily cleared by removing license verification using Kingroot.

Steps Involved In Removing License Verification

  • The latest version Kingroot app is downloaded and installed.
  • When the app is run, it loads all the apps installed on your device on its list.
  • The app from which verification license needs to be removed, is clicked.
  • Then “Open Menu For Patches” option is selected.
  • The first option that appears is “Remove License Verification”. This option is to be selected.
  • As soon as the process is completed, the user can open the license verification-free app.

How To Move User Apps To System Apps With Kingroot

If the user desires to make any app, as his system app, then, Kingroot is the best app to do so.

Steps To Move User App To System App Using Kingroot

  • The desired app which is to be moved is selected and the option for “Tools” is clicked on Kingroot App.
  • Now, the option for “Move to/system/app” option is selected.
  • After waiting for a few seconds, the app moves successfully to the system.
  • The option for auto “Auto Mode” should be selected for hassle free and automatic modification to happen.
  • The “Apply” button is clicked, after which, the users need to wait for only a few seconds before the patch is completed.

Final Words

In this post some easy to use key features of Kingroot are focused upon.Kingroot is a very convenient to use tool for Android users who want an obstacle-free access to premium apps and customize mods.