Lucky Patcher App Review – Complete Steps to Download the App

Lucky Patcher is one such app that the users can find on the Android and the Ios platforms and it tends to take the concept of customization to a whole new level. The application helps the users in manipulating the apps (of course the compatible ones) and unleashes a lot of hidden features that are associated with them. The application can be used for the backup of the applications, extraction of the Lucky Patcher Apk files of the applications, modification in the permissions of the applications, unlocking certain paid features of the application and much more.


The app can only be made to run on the devices which are rooted. For all the rookies in this context, they can use several tools to root their devices easily. However, they must take a note to go through the terms and conditions before rooting their devices and check if it would void their smartphone warranty. Lucky Patcher App Review collects the information about all the applications present on the user’s phone. The application provides all the operations that it can do with the application like the ones mentioned above in form of icons.

The application uses a simple colour code to denote the compatibilities on the device. For example, the yellow colour would indicate the availability of a patch, orange colour would indicate that the application is a system application; red would indicate that no modifications can be done and so on. The Lucky Patcher iOS app can also be used to remove the unnecessary and irritating advertisement pop ups in several applications. The users of the Lucky Patcher application app can get to handle the real permissions of the other applications on the device and tweak them as well. The only catch is that the users need to have a rooted device so as to get the maximum benefits from this app.


The main thing is the rooting of the device that the users need to accomplish before installing the Lucky Patcher app. The application is currently available for the Android and Ios platforms and these users can use the Lucky Patcher app to manipulate the other applications on their smart phones. The application is not available for direct download on any of the app stores. Hence the users need to direct the app directly from the official website of the app and side load it on their respective devices to be able to use it. The users should stay careful and should not end up installing any of the fake versions of the app which might cause harm to their smart phones. The application can be used to remove license verification from the paid apps, make the in-app purchases free, remove advertisements and much more.


The app also provides certain manipulation permissions that are illegal. Hence, the users should stay cautious while experimenting with the app and should not end up doing anything so bad that they have to face legal charges. Overall, this app is a great option for all those willing to tweak the hidden features of the apps on their smart phones.