Sports Performance Program

Our Sport Performance Program is geared toward not only keeping our athletes on the field, but helping them be at the top of their game.

We follow the Functional Movement Systems to ensure that we SCREEN to identify movement issues and CORRECT to enhance durability before we even begin to TRAIN.  

This strategy enables our athletes to build a solid foundation and excel with the demand of their given sports or activities.

Our Sports Performance Program includes:

  • 6 Semi-Private Training Sessions where your athlete will be coached through an individualized program based on the results of their Functional Movement Screen and unique goals and needs of the child.
  • Fitness Membership during the length of the program to provide the athlete with the resources needed to achieve their goals.
  • Success Guide to provide a complete health and wellness experience.  We advise on how to create healthy habits and improve on their nutrition to compliment a rigorous fitness routine.
  • Follow Up Assessment at the end of the Program, each athlete will receive a to gauge progress and get next step recommendations to continue to improve.